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Why this project...
Because we hate our noisy neighbours and its time for revenge. The trigger for this project were indeed some very noisy neighbours who didn't realise that too much noise even in joy or celebration is a serious pollutant. This started a chain-reaction of thoughts. Why stop at noise pollution alone? There are many issues in India that are simply not addressed as they are embedded in our attitudes. A chalta hai, koi baat nahin system where everything goes as long as its tradition, religion or family fun. Why not turn this situation on its head by going to the very roots from which grew some of our modern-day twisted ideas. Why not examine tradition and find out what it REALLY is? Could we in the process help bring craft products to the average-Joe or regular-Raghu of middle-class India? This is a khichdi project with several hopes and ambitions that will grow and evolve with us. Here, we let loose some designergiri and see what happens!

Have similar ideas? Want us to make films about them? Write to us.

What sustains the project...
Your support through site visits, product purchases and comments helps us do all that we do! What we do is be stubborn, steadfast and create truly Indian animation. In form, style, sound, in short; Indian in every way. This is the heart and soul of the project: an aesthetic design innovation. Films and products inspired from Indian arts and crafts. Some of our biggest inspirations yet have been Lord Jagannath's idols, Kathakali: the dance-drama of Kerala and Natyashastra: the ancient treatise on performing arts. We are grateful indeed to be born into such a rich and ancient culture.

Free and open-source software
The open-source software movement in India is in its infancy. We want to lead the
way by showing what can be done in the industry of visual communication using
open source software.

Free resources that made this project possible: 

Hodge-podge of India's History, Culture, and Diversity  IndiaVideo
ASI India  Wikipedia

Ubuntu OS   Blender 3d animation software  Inkscape vector image editor  Gimp image editor             
Melody font designer, Benoit Sjoholm  Lightbox 2 JS plugin image viewer  Add to any sharing plugin

Google search engine, analytics, etc  Youtube video hosting site  Facebook social networking

Who are we...

Roaming-design is a multi-disciplinary entity. It works across various areas of visual communication, moving seamlessly between and often combining animation, video, print, web and much more.

It is also active in the area of design education.



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