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Mumbai International Film Festival 2014   |   Inspiring Animation Inde, Arena Orbit live 2014
Best of 2012 ASIFA India, 4th Golden Kuker Sofia, Bulgaria 2013   |   Panorama, Best of 2012, ASIFA India, Anim'est, Bulgaria, 2013   | 

“Indian animation today” at Anima, Brussels, Feb'13   |   ViBGYOR, Thrissur, Feb'13
   |   iDi presented at “Animation & Gaming: A creative Paradigm”, Dec'12, organised by DoST, Govt. of Gujarat, iNDEXTb, FICCI, Ahmedabad   |   ASIFA India's, Best Professional Animated Short Film Award 2012!   |   Children’s India, Bengaluru  |  Ayodhya Film Festival  iDi films are now part of WorldKids Foundation's "Lessons in the dark" programme!  |  "Quiet Ones" Presentation at Chitrakatha 2011, NID: Ahmedabad Mirror, Times of India   |  
Events: Sunday Soul Sante, Bengaluru  |  Bazaar & Bling at Candies, Bandra
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In Divine Interest, where, for God's sake if not for mankind's; we question numerous misinterpreted Indian mores and traditions. Where we celebrate the things that really need to be celebrated and tell stories that need a telling.
As Indians, we make noise when we marry and bray when we pray. We fling garbage out our windows but cut trees because the leaves litter roads. This land of colour, crafts and vivid performing arts, we embrace it with all its contradictions while doing our bit to make it better.
We tell Indian stories, old, new and the ones we cook up from time to time. We bring to life, the country's craft products in an all-new, designer, yet affordable avatar. We make India-centric films and merchandise inspired from Indian artforms.
Made in India by Indians.


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